Fujiyama Texas Kushi-Katsu Izakaya

Nothing will put a wrench in Friday night dinner plans quite like a toddler will. So, when my wife’s parents said they were itching to get some alone time with my little hellion—oh, excuse me—I mean, their little angel, we jumped on the opportunity for a much-needed date night. We packed up the minion, dropped her off with Grammy and Jiichan, and headed into McCully to try the favorite restaurant of Jacqui’s friend Kori: Fujiyama Texas Kushikatsu Izakaya. But this isn’t just your everyday Japanese restaurant. No, no. Fujiyama Texas’ specialty is kushikatsu, a very popular style of food in Japan that has been around for nearly 100 years. Kushi refers to the skewer, and katsu means it’s panko breaded and deep fried. That’s right, my friends, 90% of the menu is golden fried and stuck on a stick—a concept that nearly every red-blooded American can get behind.

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