The first time my wife wanted to show me the diversity of local Hawaiian food, she took me to Zippy’s. When I sat down to order I felt equal parts comfortable and totally out of my element. Why, you ask? Well, Zippy’s is the all-American diner, but through the Hawaiian lens—think Denny’s, but with a more diverse selection of food. It’s like every greasy spoon diner that you’ve ever wanted to go into in life. It’s exactly like that place where you try your first cheeseburger, or where people go to get an ice cream after a ball game. But one look at the menu will tell you, you’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. When you open it up you expect to find a hot dog, a grilled cheese, and French fries—and you’ll find all of that, but with a healthy dose of white rice and mac(aroni) salad. 


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