The Ultimate Chef Battle: Stripsteak vs The Street

For most of my life I’ve been addicted to cooking shows. Even as a small child I watched Martin Yan and Jacques Pépin as often as I could on PBS. In my teen years when Iron Chef hit America, my mom quickly picked up on it and immediately turned me onto it and that is where my love of cooking competition shows began. I have seen every episode of Iron Chef, Top Chef, Masterchef, and just about anything else you can think of. I have, however, never had the pleasure of attending any sort of cooking competition.

One day while scrolling through Instagram I spotted an event taking place at the International Marketplace in Waikiki: The Ultimate Chef Battle between Executive Chef Jamie Zager of Stripsteak Waikiki vs Executive Chef Bao Tran of The Street Food Hall (both Michael Mina restaurants). In a twist, Chef Zager would be emulating flavors typical of street food, while Chef Tran would be utilizing steak house flavors. Additionally, cocktails would be a part of the competition. Now, we don’t venture into Waikiki too often and we’ve never eaten at Stripsteak but we’ve heard nothing but good things—elegant, modern, with a mix of new and classic flavors— and we recently checked out Burger Hale at The Street and had a great experience. So, this seemed like a good opportunity for another great food experience. After a little bit of debate, Jacqui convinced me that we needed to go because I was going to have a blast and—once again, folks—my wife was right. So, once again Grammy and Jiichan were called in to the rescue—because the Nugget was not ready for this type of action and we were in need of a date night.

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